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iCube Development explains the data recovery process used to get information from inaccessible storage devices.

The Data Recovery "Magic" Box:

Providing licensed, bonded, and certified data recovery and computer repair services to Calgary.

Many assume data recovery professionals simply plug in your failed hard drive or USB memory card into a "magic" data recovery box and somehow the data is then restored. Truth is, the ability to recover data from a storage device involves very expensive and specialized data recovery equipment (hardware and software).

An industry standard process is required to successfully recover data. Without the proper tools and experience data recovery is typically not successful.

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Data Recovery Process:

Your data recovery status can be tracked (in detail) at any time by using our online management tools.


Technicians will evaluate the medium using comprehensive manufacturer hardware and software diagnostics (not the stuff you can get off the Internet, we use special equipment). The diagnostics include a variety of mechanical, electrical, firmware, and file level (logical) tests.

Diagnostics identify failures, obtain possible causes (ie: why the media failed), and most importantly provides an estimated recovery outcome (ie: how much data can be recovered).

Based on findings this information allows a technician to generate a quote for recovery and provide a worse case turn-around time. The evaluation process is usually completed within 24 - 72 hours.

Once an evaluation is performed, we'll notify the client and relay our technical findings. If the recovery is approved your media is scheduled for repair at our in-office Calgary lab.


Based on the problems found during the evaluation process, a service technician will typically attempt to either bypass, repair, or replace the components required to access the medium.

When completed; your media is prepped for use at our data room.


The first priority of any data recovery lab is to obtain a complete 1:1 copy of your data. Creating an image of your information allows us to manipulate the data required for recovery. If an image cannot be obtained the medium is sent back for additional repairs.

File System (FS) Repair:

Once a valid image is created; a technician typically uses software to structure and repair the image. Once complete we then search the image for a file system. A file system is a the organization of data on storage device. Once a file system has been found, we then repair the file system and prepare to extract the data (file and folders). If a file system is not found we'll check for encryption and then send the media back for re-imaging.

Data Validation:

The next step is to validate the data, we use a combination of automated software and human processing to check the recovered data. Validation is the process where the recovered data is verified to be working and free of errors. If excessive errors are found, the media is sent back for re-imaging.

Data Duplication:

After the data has been validated, we then duplicate the recovered information to a replacement storage device (hard drive, memory stick, etc.). We keep a copy of the data we recovered for a period of 7 days to ensure our clients have time to review the results.

Why Choose Us:

Providing licensed, bonded, and certified data recovery and computer repair services to Calgary.

  • Our staff and equipment provide our clients a very high data recovery success rate.
  • Our data recovery process and procedures allows for extremely fast turn-around times.
  • We stand behind a simple no data, no charge policy. Evaluations are free.
  • Ask around (Better Business Bureau, Calgary computer providers, social media sites, etc.). iCube Development has not only received multiple business awards and ethic nominations, but has established a reputation for successful, fast, and affordable data recovery service.
  • Data recovery services are performed locally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • We allow our clients to track the real-time status of their data recovery online.

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