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iCube Development provides free, no obligation quotes for data recovery services perform on all types of USB flash devices.

USB Flash Device Recovery:

Data recovery services are provided for flash devices hard drives that no longer operate due to electrical or physical damage.

About Flash Memory:

There are 3 main components to any flash storage device, if you were to physically disassemble a USB memory stick you could identify:

  1. The NAND (a memory chip) which contains your data.
  2. The controller which enables a computer to read and write data to NAND.
  3. The PCB which secures the NAND, controller, and interface connector (USB header).

If the NAND or the controller is not working properly the USB device may not be identified, be identified without capacity, or present itself to a computer as only a controller (eg: USB BAR DEVICE).

Some controllers store unique information about the NAND (eg: factory defects) and commonly encrypt data (referred to as XOR). XOR increases access times and storage reliability. In order for a USB flash device to function properly both the NAND and the controller must be in good working order.

Due to the complexity of controllers and the gross amount of manufacturers (compared to hard disk drive manufacturers), iCube Development does not repair USB memory sticks. Instead we recover data from the memory chip and duplicate to a replacement device.

In most cases NAND does not fail completely (only degrades) - and recovery is possible. iCube Development is able to perform recovery services for all USB, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 based storage devices. We also recover data from xD, Secure Digital (SD) or SDHC (mini and micro) versions, Compact Flash, and Memory Stick (MS) devices.

NAND data recovery is black and white, this is to say the information stored in NAND memory either exists or it does not. iCube Development uses a combination of specialized hardware based memory readers in combination with decoding software to reproduce NAND content.

Things To Do:

  1. Do not attempt to use the USB flash device.
  2. Do not take apart the USB flash device.
  3. Never use a soldering gun. A special non-conductive device must be used.

Call iCube Development at (888) 728-CUBE (2823) and book a free, no obligation data recovery evaluation. We'll let you know why your flash device is not working, provide you a written quote, and estimated turnaround time.

Costs & Procedure:

How much will it cost to recover my data?

Due to the variables involved with USB flash device failures, iCube Development is not able to provide a quote for repair or recovery without performing a free evaluation. Contact a technician, or call iCube Development at (888) 728-2823 to setup a free data recovery evaluation.

We fix USB and memory card failures using this data recovery process.

Failure Reasons:

Why did my USB flash device fail?

  1. Age, the average consumer USB flash device is designed to work for a period of 1 to 2 years.
  2. Abuse, physical abuse is the leading cause of premature desktop hard drive failures.
  3. Blown fuse, electrical failures and voltage instability can cause a protective fuse to trip.

The life span of a NAND based storage devices are directly affected by use.

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