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When choosing a data recovery company it's important to know what to expect, what questions to ask, and the options you have.

Choosing The Right Data Recovery Company:

Helping you get a fast and affordable recovery on your hard drive or USB flash memory device!

Not all data recovery companies are equal. This article explains what questions you should ask a potential data recovery company and what answers you should get.

Local Service Providers:

One of the most important things to ensure is that your data is actually recovered in-house. Many data recovery service providers will actually outsource data recovery work to larger companies. When they outsource the recovery process, they typically earn a referral fee (which can sometimes be in excess of 20% of the final cost!). This increases the cost of the recovery to the end-user.

  • We do not outsource, all data recovery services are performed in Calgary.
  • We do not provide financial referral incentives to our partners, this keeps our data recovery costs low and affordable for our clients.

High Success Rate:

When you want your data recovered it's important it goes to the right company with a proven history of successful data recovery cases. If your considering a data recovery service provider, ensure the company can provide you a data recovery success rate for past drives. A good data recovery company will invest the time to lookup your drive's specific model number and provide you an exact number.

  • Our data recovery success rate is over 90%.

Fast Recovery Time:

When you lose important data, you need it back quickly. When dealing with a data recovery company ask for the time needed to perform an evaluation and recovery. Typically data recovery service providers will need 24 - 48 hours to evaluate your hard drive or USB memory stick. After the evaluation is completed ask how long the recovery will take. If parts are required, inquire about shipping time.

  • We perform evaluations within 24 hours - often the same day!
  • When hardware is required, we use both local Canadian and USA suppliers.
  • We disclose the tracking numbers to our clients.
  • Our clients use our online system to track the status of your repair 24/7.

No Data, No Charge Policy:

Clients shouldn't have to pay for anything but recovered data. Ensure the data recovery company provides a no risk policy which clearly states no data back, no charge. In the event the data recovery process is not successful it shouldn't cost you anything.

  • We provide a simple no data recovered, no charge policy.

Good Reputation & History:

A proven data recovery company will have an established track record within the computer industry. Ask about service awards and a list of corporate clients. Don't be fooled by "in-house" service awards. Use a search engine to research a possible data recovery company, call a local computer repair shop, and use social media to ask others.

  • We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • We've received numerous awards for business ethics.
  • We've received industry business leadership awards.
  • We're recommended by Calgary's larger computer repair shops.

Privacy Policy:

Our hard drives and USB storage devices often contain personal information. A privacy policy is extremely important when choosing a data recovery company. Get a copy of the company's privacy policy and ask where the data is stored, who can access it, and how long any copies of your information are kept.

  • We provide all our clients with a privacy policy during the evaluation process. Our policy clearly indicates data is never stored on Internet accessible computers and is only accessed by the staff member assigned to your case.
  • For the protection of our clients, we keep an encrypted copy of all recovered data for a period of 7 days.
  • Our Calgary lab features video, audio, and environmental monitoring with 24/7 staffed security.

Why Choose Us:

Providing licensed, bonded, and certified data recovery and computer repair services to Calgary.

  • Data recovery and computer repair services are performed in Calgary.
  • Our staff and equipment provide our clients a very high data recovery success rate.
  • Evaluations are completely free (no charge) and are provided within 24 hours.
  • Our data recovery process and procedures allows for extremely fast turn-around times.
  • We allow our clients to track the real-time status of their data recovery online.
  • We stand behind a simple no data, no charge policy.
  • Ask around (Better Business Bureau, Calgary computer providers, social media sites, etc.). iCube Development has not only received multiple business awards and ethic nominations, but has established a reputation for successful, fast, and affordable data recovery service.

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