What You Should Do

iCube Development explains how we recover the data from your storage device and allows clients to track the progress.

What You Should Do:

If your hard drive or USB memory stick has failed, call us - we've got the answers to get it back.

Don't Repair Yourself:

Aside from attempting to access your files and folders, it's not a good idea to fix a hard drive or USB memory stick yourself. There is a specific data recovery process that needs to be followed. Many users trying to save money attempt to use software applications found on the Internet. Some of these applications can assist in the data recovery process but depending on the failure can damage or worse - irreversibly destroy what you want to recover. Data recovery professionals will not use software found on the Internet to recover your data.

Data recovery companies use a combination of specialized hardware and software tools to evaluate, repair, and bypass inaccessible storage devices. These tools are very expensive and require a great deal of experience to operate.

Get Professional Help:

Ask a data recovery professional for advice. If you need help seek out someone with direct data recovery experience. A computer technician is not the same as a data recovery specialist. Think of it this way, when you get sick you go to your doctor, if the doctor cannot help, you're sent to a specialist.

Why Choose Us:

Providing licensed, bonded, and certified data recovery and computer repair services to Calgary.

  • Our staff and equipment provide our clients a very high data recovery success rate.
  • Our data recovery process and procedures allows for extremely fast turn-around times.
  • We stand behind a simple no data, no charge policy. Evaluations are free.
  • Ask around (Better Business Bureau, Calgary computer providers, social media sites, etc.). iCube Development has not only received multiple business awards and ethic nominations, but has established a reputation for successful, fast, and affordable data recovery service.
  • Data recovery services are performed locally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • We allow our clients to track the real-time status of their data recovery online.

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